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ViaJay (Jay Kim) designs and produces a range of innovative creations from sexy halter tops and booty-short ensembles to full faux-fur outer regalia. Her styles focus on functional urban beauty and elegant versatility.

Artistic and creative at a young age, Jay learned to sew when she was ten. She veered course towards a career in law but, after practicing for five years, felt stifled by not tending to her creative sensibilities and passions. After fleeing the law in October of 2003 (she has yet to be apprehended!), she took to DJ-ing thick bassy breaks and knitting and sewing with fervor. She began to design and create clothes for herself and friends, received immediate support and encouragement and has been producing fiendishly ever since!

Jay loves the interactive process of commission work with clients varying material, theme and style through the range within which they're comfortable, then pushing the boundaries ever so slightly to reach their most expressive personal edges.

Jay came to the States from Korea at the age of eight, and has been living in SF since 1989.