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For a dose of big, phat, nasty evil breaks, you’ve come to the right place. Help yourself to any of the mixes below. Bookings, comments, feedback, and what nots – please do contact me.
Live @ 3 Degrees Campout '08
This set, was the second to last on Saturday night of the weekend, and signifies a nearly full retrospective of my sounds, ranging from funky, growly, techy, housey to pretty. It also integrates new remixes of some of my old standbys. Many thanks to Ethan who remastered the set in a jiffy. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Download or Listen to “Live @ 3 Degrees Campout '08” Live @ 3 Degrees Campout '07
The kind folks at 3 Degrees ran a tight garden and the music flowed deliciously therefrom on this last weekend of June 2007. I have to say, it was kind of nice being at a camp out without any responsibilities but to deliver the beats, and the hosts provided a generous 90 minutes to engage in the progression. This compilation is also significant because a majority of the music was given to me, as opposed to being selected by me – and for every gem therein, I'm grateful. Just to name a few, the first track was given to me by j9, the about the 5th track is produced by my buddy DJ Chamelian in Amsterdam, and the last track was gifted by Jive on the spot, live at the set – and I have to say, I'm blown away by both sides of this bass beauty by Beta.

Download or Listen to “Live @ 3 Degrees Campout '07” Live @ FnF Campout '06
Ah, this charging set was made extra special for the 10th anniversary of this eagerly anticipated and revered summer event – the annual Friends and Family Camp out in Willits. CA. I spun on Friday night, in my valiant effort to make Friday the new Saturday! Boy was I nervous, but all was worth it, as the dancefloor rocked to the all-enveloping grindy bass, and at the end of the release, it left me with all day Saturday and Sunday to play and enjoy the amazing music, creations and vibe contributed by all! Definitely the best camp out ever for me.

Download or Listen to “Live @ FnF Campout 06” 80s are the Breaks
A good prereq indicator of whether you'll like this mix is whether you like 80s music to begin with. "80s are the breaks" is a fab & fun compilation of vinyl originally purchased in my youth, interspersed with remixes and breaks with nostalgic samplings. I'm really proud of how this genre-specific mix turned out, as some of these tracks are near to my heart, where I first learned of how complex, emotional and impactful music can be. I also believe that some of the transitions in the compilation are truly unique in the world, and gotta love that personal contribution into this realm.

Download or Listen to “80s are the Breaks” Live @ Thrust
Like a pair of well-fitting jeans, this live mix goes with everything – a walk in the park, a drive through the country, a second date, and like on the occasion it was recorded – it rocked the side room of Mighty at Thrust for Love, Sept. 22, 06. It’s feel-good breaks with some things old, some things new and a couple of evil ones towards the end.

Download or Listen to “Live @ Thrust” Burn ’05: Live Friday @ FnF
Appropriately named “Burn ’05: Live Friday at FnF,” this set is a culmination of some of my favorite breaks tracks since the inception of spinning in May of 2002, as well as some brand new gems interspersed therein. If you’ve been with me along this joyous journey, you know the ride. If you haven't, welcome: you’re in for a treat!

Download or Listen to “Burn ’05: Live Friday @ FnF” BreaXstacy
Elements of this compilation have been kicking around in my head for 2 years now, ever since my good friend Dae Han coined the term, “Breaxstacy” while shooting the breeze one fine fine cracked like pepper morning at Burning Man 2003. Since then, these deep, spacy and heart-rending soundz didn’t have an opportunity to be laid down, til now, as most of my bookings occur for wee late night slots for rockin’ the dancefloor with evil. This one’s more for contemplation, and makes me stop what I’m doing and focus and feel. And at times, it’s even made me get up and groove! Hope you love it as much as I do. Recorded in May, 2005.

Download or Listen to “BreaXstacy” Live @ Lush 2
The Lush 2 party on May 22, 2004 remains in the top three highlights of my DJ career (the other two: Thursday sunrise at the BoomBox – Burning Man 2003, and Tagging with Ernie Trevino – Brass Tax Renegade, Halloween 2003). I arrived for my 4:00 a.m. set thinking surely the party would have died down, but quite to the contrary, the Sandbox was packed with energy and freaks were swinging from the chandeliers! All systems were in place – the sound was an aural dream (thanks to JK Sound), the set up was roomy while being in the thick of things on the floor, my bag of records was steaming from HOT grinding new tracks, and the peeps were ready to get down. And boy did we. Thanks to all of you for making this one such a stellar moment. Recorded on May 22, 2004.

Download or Listen to “Live @ Lush 2” Re:Covered
I thought they were gone forever. 30+ prescious slabs of breaks wax – some of my illest faves from home, and 15 jaw-droppers from my favorite record store in Amsterdam, Killer Cutz. Upon reaching the depths of depression as Delta Airlines didn't return any of my messages, a delivery guy miraculously shows up with my shiney red bag with a frail tag reading “Sent to NAS in error.” Apparently, the routing staff had dyslexia!

The title serves as a double entendre, as several of the tracks are covers from my 80’s idols. This one will move you for sure. Recorded in March, 2004.

Download or Listen to “Re:Covered” Bsszt!
Ah, I love this mix. The bass is palpable, prominent, and commanding on this one and will take you places. And while the overall mood is dark haunting and dirty, the funk will still grab you. Recorded in December, 2003.

Download or Listen to “Bsszt!” Breakulate
Recorded only 3 months into DJ-ing, you can tell I’m a newbie in whirling skills, especially towards the end of the mix! But all of the ’ness of my present sound and energy is there folks, and notable as I take a more varied foray to find my DJ voice. Some friends still report this one’s their fave! Recorded in December, 2003.

Download or Listen to “Breakulate”